Friday, October 17, 2008

breakfast, lunch or dinner.

this is delicious. an epic combination of sausage, eggs, veggies and hash browns; beautifully layered and lightly browned in a skillet. first take a sausage, i used a sun dried tomato chicken sausage from whole foods, but any flavor will do. cook it for a little bit in a big skillet, until the outside is brown and you can slice it into 1/2 inch thick slices. (handle slicing the sausage the same way you would handle preparing raw chicken) while the sausage is a'brownin', slice up a few veggies. for this one i used 1/4 of an onion and some celery. but you could get more creative and throw in some peppers or mushrooms, just whatevers lying around. throw the peppers and onions in with the sliced sausage into the skillet thats on medium heat. now, when i was making this, my mom had just finished a big pot of hash browns and because i love hash browns, at this point in the cooking i threw a handful into the skillet with the veggies and sausage. now, my moms uses the frozen hash browns and just heats em up on the stove. if you have them lying around, then great throw them in, otherwise dont worry about it. mix everything around in the skillet until the sausage slices are cooked through. then whisk together 2 eggs in a separate bowl and pour on the skillet. turn on a low heat and sprinkle with cheese when the eggs are almost done. slide the wonderful egg thing onto a plate when the eggs are done, and enjoy. i find it to be particularly good with maple syrup, but then again, what is not good with syrup.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lincoln Street Coffee

I love coffee. its an addiction. if it involves caffeine, im obsessed. but sometimes, one grows tired of star bucks and needs a change of scenery. thats when its time to hit up the independent coffee houses. Lincoln Street Coffee is my personal fave. they take coffee to a new level dunkies, starbucks or peets cannot reach. the lattes are beautifully foamy and the iced coffee is orgasmic. times 10. their blended mocha is 10 times better than any freshen i have ever bought at starbucks. (and i rarely have anything bad to say about 'bucks). i was once waiting for my blended mocha when someone brought out a tray of cookies, and i immediately bought one to have with my mocha because they smelled and looked so beyond delish. and there is an extremely comfy couch for me to sit on to enjoy my coffee. the tea is also great quality, not quite Teavana, but the best i have ever seen at a coffee shop. yay coffee!! {~dedicated to jenny-poo, i love you!}