Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brunchy Brunchy Brunch

I love brunch. Brunchy Brunchy Brunch. so this morning when i opened the fridge, i found smoked salmon, eggs, purple onions, and grainy mustard. ok so to start, heat a supa small nonstick skillet on super low heat. crack an egg directly into the skillet, dont whisk it or anything. sprinkle a couple slices of red onions on top of the cooking egg. when it looks done (it shall resemble a really skinny crepe) fold it like you would a omelet. then slice it in half. take a slice of smoked salmon and spread some grainy mustard on it. wrap the salmon around the half of the omelet with the mustard side on the egg. think of it as wrapping sushi. the egg is the rice and the salmon is the seaweed. garnish with a raw purple onion. this is delish hot, or makes a great appetizer if you put it in the fridge for a bit. a great alternative to bagels and lox. and also makes a fab fancy brunch treat.


So this is possibly the greatest popcorn ever. and i am not lying or exaggerating. its way beyond that yellow goo at the movies. so microwave a bag of plain popcorn according to what the box says. i am a huge fan of Newman's own popcorn. and i think pop secrete is absolute shit and taste like cardboard, not popcorn. microwaving popcorn is an art form, that with practice you shall master. for too long it burns, and for too short you get all kernels. Ok, So quickly while the corn is still hot, pour it into a bowl and sprinkle with parm cheese and a little chunk of butter. (more if your into that sorta thing). the goal here is for the cheez to melt. only about 1/3 of it will melt though. just enjoy the rest by taking bites from the bottom of the bowl. the butter should melt pretty well. then add a teaspoon or so (a bunch of violent shakes of the spice jar) of garlic powder. and a bunch of cranks of the pepper mill as well. (maybe like half a teaspoon or so, more if you really like pepper). dont go overboard on both, otherwise it will be too much. stir vigorously and enjoy. ideal for a movie night or when you and a friend are chillin in the kitchen at 1 am discussing how much your feet hurt and what shit just went down at whatever party/dance/thing you were at. i have had this popcorn in both occasions and it just really made those situations fab.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chinese aint Cheap

Tonight i was craving something somewhat Asian. but i knew i needed veggies and didn't have the cash to call Golden Temple, Oishii Sushi or Bernard's. so i made a peanut/veggie/chicken stir fry. you need:
veggies, i just used some of those pre chopped packaged veggies at whole foods, it was a combo of onions, bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini and squash.
a big tablespoon of fancy peanut butter. (crunchy or smooth, the kind where the oil separates works best)
A couple drizzles of balsamic vinegar and EVOO.
some already cooked chicken (i used some leftover rotisserie chicken, if you dont have any, just quickly bake up some nuggets or steal some grilled chicken from the caff.
1. heat a skillet with a drizzle of evoo on medium high heat
2. toss in veggies
3. stir around until veggies are almost done
4. put heat on medium low and dump in a giant PB scoop
5. add a splash of balsamic vinegar
6. mush around a bit until the peanut butter melts to some degree
7. toss in the chicken and stir

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Starbucks VS DD's

so this past week, i had the honor of attending a model congress in the dump known as new jersey. as a mock debate to show all the newbies how its done, we debated over which is better, dunkies or starbucks. i immediately stood up to show my love of starbucks. so now its time for a little review. starbucks hands down has the best coffee and lattes etc. DD's are always wayyyy to freakin hot and dont even compare. however, dunkies makes a mean iced coffee. the best. starbucks food isn't that good, at least for what i am paying. and i dont think their breakfast sandwiches look that appetizing. and they dont toast their bagels. (wtf, who gives me a untoasted bagel, what is this) dunkin makes the best pastries. everything is frosted and covered in sprinkles. its awful for you, but delicious. the bagles are fresh and ARE TOASTED!. never have i tried the breakfast sandwiches at DD's because i question the quality and do not desire to eat mystery meat. i enjoy the atmosphere of starbucks much more as well. they have comfy couches and nice people that consistently make a delish latte. the people at dunkies often do not speak English and are annoying. the atmosphere is also like that of a mc donalds. aight i am tired, need to go throw back some caffeine or go to bed. peace.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

im thinking JAMBA

hi all, i need to explain my love in life. the reason i exist. its jamba juice. its a-MAZINGGG. without it i am just a jamba-less child. so my personal fave is the strawberry nirvana with a vita-boost. i like the smallest one, because then i can have 4 in a day. a original will full you up for like a few hours. ok so the strawberry nirvana is a delicious blend of strawberries, B-A-N-A-N-A-S (i love gwen) and some juices. its beyond delish. i also enjoy berry fulfilling. swirled with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. delish delish delish. and for breakfast, i enjoy the one with the granola blended right in and topped with B-A-N-A-N-A-S (more love of gwen) slices. called the chunky strawberry, this also has peanut butter swirled in. who dosent love granola and peanutbutter put in a blender. if you dont go die. ok so when in NYC or any other state that is graced with a wonderful jamba, start off your day with the granoley chunky strawberry, then berry fulling and end the day with strawberry nirvana. so sadly, there isiant a jamba in in Boston, but dont worry i already sent a threatening email to jamba exects, and the guy assured me they would look into building in Boston. this is a wonderful picture of my friend charlezz in the jamba in timez squarez

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Squashin' Spaghetti

HOLA! so my friend is on this detox diet, where all she eats is vegges and fruits for 2 weeks or so. most of my friends panicked at this thought, but in reality there are so many creative, delish things to do with veggies. this is one of my favorite, spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. its like eating pasta, but better. hokay so first you need to buy a spaghetti squash. it is about the size of a watermelon and yellow. so fill a pot big enough to hold the squash with water, salt the water and bring it to a boil. (and because i am also currently studying for a chem test, adding the salt to the water is a colligative property that makes the temp of the boiling point rise). while you are waiting for the water to boil, stab the squash with a fork a couple times. there just needs to be a few holes. and in addition to the stabbing, you could try and figure out at what temp the water will boil at. when the water is a bubblin, drop the squash into that hot tub. this is a challenge because if you just drop it, hot water will splash up onto your face. its hilar to watch, but painful to experience. let it boil for 20 mins or so. while the squash is a cookin, its time to make a little sauce! open up a can of diced tomatoes and pour it into a skillet on medium heat. do the same with a small can of tomato paste. add some chunks of fresh tomato to the skillet. either cherry tomatoes cut in half, or a big tomato cut into smalish chunks. try not to loose any tomato juice on the cutting board, you want all that juice in the skillet. then if you have any fresh basil (or any fresh spices really) rip up the leaves into lil tiny bits and stir in. otherwise try some dried basil, oregano, parsley or other green leafy spice that goes well on pasta. melt in a bit of parm cheese as well. then turn off the skillet. if you dont feeling like making sauce, feel free to use the canned kind. hokay so after 20 mins, take the 'ghetti squash out. i suggest stabbing it with one of those big fork things you use to turn something on the grill. now its going to be hot, but try to cut the squash in half the horizontal way. the insides should be cooked enough to be scooped out easily. put the insides back in to the boiling water for about 5-10 mins or so. scooping out the insides is a interesting process if the squash is still really hot. if needed, let it cool a bit before cuttin it in half. scooping out the insides halfway really makes the squash cook faster. however, if you really cant deal with cutting it, let the whole squash cook for another 15 mins or so, until it is tender to the poke of a fork. so pile up some of the insides on a plate, lather up in the 'mato sauce and dig in!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This weekend, i took a holiday to New York. i was compelled to try pink berry. i have heard a lot of people say its delish, and a few people have told me it sucks. there was a line outside when i arrived. this is always a good sighn. the menu appeared to consist of 3 ice cream flavors, the original, coffee and green tea. um so being confused by the ever so strange menu board, i asked the cashier whats good here, and she said the original. so i got a small original with strawberries and raspberries. usually, if i get a topping its sprinkles. i never trust the fruit at ice cream places. but the fruit here was a big deal judging how everyone had their ice cream smothered in kiwis, strawberries and blueberries. this place obviously has a cult following of skinny NY-ers. ok so while waiting behind a bunch of other pushy new yorkers (still getting over the fact that the socks won the world series, its ok guys, its just karma.) i noticed the nutritional facts. basically it is the healthiest ice cream on the planet. 70 calories per 1/2 cup and no fat whatsoever. the ice cream was interesting to say the least. at first the bite was good. had the right color and texture i have come to expect from my soft serve. however there was a pungent after taste. a mildly fruity pungent after taste. it wasn't bad, just interesting. the fruit however was delish. i have never enjoyed such high quality toppings. overall, its not remotely close to J.P. licks, but its the best diet ice cream i have ever had.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Freakin Frittatas!

hokay so, a frittata is like the ultimate omelet. its about the size of a personal pizza and is beyond delish. tonight i did breakfast for dinner and made this delish frittata. first, i took my baby nonstick skillet and rubbed this garlic and herb butter all over it. (if you dont have cool looking butter, you can use regular and just add some garlic, or just use some EVOO). from there crack 2 eggs in a small bowl. slice up about a handful of grape matoes (or cut big ones into small chunks). take a forkfull of pesto and scoop it into the bowl. then take about 1/2 a forkful of sun dried tomatoes. at this point, heat the buttered baby skillet to a medium low heat. whisk all of that together intensely with the fork. then sprinkle on some arugula leaves, spinach or basil. pour the eggs into the skillet. now it will be so tempting to push the eggs around with a spatula or turn the heat up, but let it be and keep the heat DOWN. the lower the heat, the better the eggs. otherwise the bottom burns, and the top is raw. (this has happened to me many times, DONT MAKE MY MISTAKES). but feel free/ obligated to add some spices to the eggs that you are not touching. i am a fan of mary janes mix it up pepper. it tis delish. hokay so when the egg looks almost cooked in the center, lift up an edge with a spatch. if the egg is burnt, you could flip it over . if it is not, you are at the perfect juncture to add a little cheese to the top. either way, its not that hard to tell when eggs are done. um so when i took mine off the skillet today i decided it looked like a pizza without any sauce, so i broke some marinara and parm chez from the fridge. it was beyond delish. once you get the fritata thing down, feel obligated to mix up the ingredients. its a great way to clean out all the produce in the fridge. i wish all of you a super fab breakfast-for-dinner.