Sunday, April 20, 2008

Starbucks VS DD's

so this past week, i had the honor of attending a model congress in the dump known as new jersey. as a mock debate to show all the newbies how its done, we debated over which is better, dunkies or starbucks. i immediately stood up to show my love of starbucks. so now its time for a little review. starbucks hands down has the best coffee and lattes etc. DD's are always wayyyy to freakin hot and dont even compare. however, dunkies makes a mean iced coffee. the best. starbucks food isn't that good, at least for what i am paying. and i dont think their breakfast sandwiches look that appetizing. and they dont toast their bagels. (wtf, who gives me a untoasted bagel, what is this) dunkin makes the best pastries. everything is frosted and covered in sprinkles. its awful for you, but delicious. the bagles are fresh and ARE TOASTED!. never have i tried the breakfast sandwiches at DD's because i question the quality and do not desire to eat mystery meat. i enjoy the atmosphere of starbucks much more as well. they have comfy couches and nice people that consistently make a delish latte. the people at dunkies often do not speak English and are annoying. the atmosphere is also like that of a mc donalds. aight i am tired, need to go throw back some caffeine or go to bed. peace.

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