Saturday, April 26, 2008


So this is possibly the greatest popcorn ever. and i am not lying or exaggerating. its way beyond that yellow goo at the movies. so microwave a bag of plain popcorn according to what the box says. i am a huge fan of Newman's own popcorn. and i think pop secrete is absolute shit and taste like cardboard, not popcorn. microwaving popcorn is an art form, that with practice you shall master. for too long it burns, and for too short you get all kernels. Ok, So quickly while the corn is still hot, pour it into a bowl and sprinkle with parm cheese and a little chunk of butter. (more if your into that sorta thing). the goal here is for the cheez to melt. only about 1/3 of it will melt though. just enjoy the rest by taking bites from the bottom of the bowl. the butter should melt pretty well. then add a teaspoon or so (a bunch of violent shakes of the spice jar) of garlic powder. and a bunch of cranks of the pepper mill as well. (maybe like half a teaspoon or so, more if you really like pepper). dont go overboard on both, otherwise it will be too much. stir vigorously and enjoy. ideal for a movie night or when you and a friend are chillin in the kitchen at 1 am discussing how much your feet hurt and what shit just went down at whatever party/dance/thing you were at. i have had this popcorn in both occasions and it just really made those situations fab.

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