Thursday, April 3, 2008

Freakin Frittatas!

hokay so, a frittata is like the ultimate omelet. its about the size of a personal pizza and is beyond delish. tonight i did breakfast for dinner and made this delish frittata. first, i took my baby nonstick skillet and rubbed this garlic and herb butter all over it. (if you dont have cool looking butter, you can use regular and just add some garlic, or just use some EVOO). from there crack 2 eggs in a small bowl. slice up about a handful of grape matoes (or cut big ones into small chunks). take a forkfull of pesto and scoop it into the bowl. then take about 1/2 a forkful of sun dried tomatoes. at this point, heat the buttered baby skillet to a medium low heat. whisk all of that together intensely with the fork. then sprinkle on some arugula leaves, spinach or basil. pour the eggs into the skillet. now it will be so tempting to push the eggs around with a spatula or turn the heat up, but let it be and keep the heat DOWN. the lower the heat, the better the eggs. otherwise the bottom burns, and the top is raw. (this has happened to me many times, DONT MAKE MY MISTAKES). but feel free/ obligated to add some spices to the eggs that you are not touching. i am a fan of mary janes mix it up pepper. it tis delish. hokay so when the egg looks almost cooked in the center, lift up an edge with a spatch. if the egg is burnt, you could flip it over . if it is not, you are at the perfect juncture to add a little cheese to the top. either way, its not that hard to tell when eggs are done. um so when i took mine off the skillet today i decided it looked like a pizza without any sauce, so i broke some marinara and parm chez from the fridge. it was beyond delish. once you get the fritata thing down, feel obligated to mix up the ingredients. its a great way to clean out all the produce in the fridge. i wish all of you a super fab breakfast-for-dinner.


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