Monday, March 31, 2008

the idiot proof veggie, CORN

sadly, the price of our beloved corn is on the rise. thanks to ethanol. I do love alternative energy, but i do also enjoy a nice cob of corn. so i suggest we all go out and buy a couple cobs of good old maize before the price goes up even more. the easiest way to cook corn is to boil it. 1. fill a pot of water, salt the water, cover and let boil. 2. while the water is boilin', husk the corn (rip all the green stuff off and break off the white thing on the butt of the corn). as fun as corn husking is, it is also incredibly messy. i suggest you do that over the sink. 3. plop the corn into the water. 4. allow to cook for i want to say 15 mins or so, but sometimes more and sometimes less. when the corn looks good, strain it and enjoy. another great way to enjoy this classic American veggie is grilled. this is possibly the best, but a grill is needed for it to work. 1. place a husked corn cob on a square of tin foil that is big enough to wrap around the whole corn. 2. lather the corn in butter. (the more the merrier, you want a good chunk of butter to be used up on this corn) 3. sprinkle the corn with lots of salt 'n' pepa. if your feeling ambitious, add a little cayenne peper, garlic powder or even fennel seed. 4. roll up tinfoil around corn, being sure to fold in the ends. you dont want any of that buttery deliciousness falling out. 5. place these corn roll ups on the grill. turn a couple times until the corn is done. about 10 mins or so. dig in! if you are still to stupid to figure out how to make corn after reading this, try the frozen kind.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


This is one of my all time fave salads. its beyond easy. and u can switch up the ingredients depending on whats in the fridge. so i use arugula, tomatoes and newman's own Caesar dressing to start. from there anything from pesto to taco meat can be added. (i dont know why one would want to add taco meat, but i could be done). any type of 'matos (tomatoes, duah) can be used. the grape ones can just be washed and tossed in, bigger ones cubed or if i am feeling indulgent, i will slice up some fresh heirloom 'matoes from the local farmers market. (its almost spring, they will be out soon!) arugula is a nice spicy lettuce. if you dont have any, iceberg would work too. the mixed lettuce with the purple leaves in it (mixed field greens i think is the correct term) dont work that well, but its do-able. if you dont have newmans own Caesar dressing, look for another not creamy Caesar dressing. (key point, NOT CREAMY). otherwise whisk together 2 parts olive oil, 1 part vinegar (balsamic or cider) a sprinkle of parm and salt 'n' pepa. its 10 pm on a Sunday night, and writing this is making me crave salad. until next time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caffeine Queen

So, I absolutely love Coffee. but i hate paying 3 dollars a cup at starbucks. but i do enjoy a 8 dollar, venti nonfat extra foamy doubleshot pumpkin spice latte charged to my moms plastic. so i got a coffee press to brew at home. mine (the one to the right) was around 50 dollars, but i have seen them for 12. they are a cheap and better alternative to brewing machines. all that is needed to use these is ground coffee and a way to heat water! I prefer to use a kettle to heat water over the stove, but if you dont have a kettle, a small pot works just as well. fill the coffee press pitcher with water and pour that water into the kettle. place the kettle on the stove and turn on high. while the water is heating up, take the coffee grounds out of the freezer and grab a tablespoon. it is recommended that for every 6 fl oz of water, there be 2 tablespoon of coffee in the pitcher. however, if you like your coffee strong, add another half tablespoon. i find that 5 heaping tablespoons works perfectly for my 32 fl oz coffee press. when the water is boiled, pour it into the pitcher and cover. let sit for about 2 min. then press it down. let sit for another min or so, longer if you want stronger coffee. after that, the coffee is ready to pour, sip and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


aight aight, lax season here in new England has begun. kina funny because there is still a snowbank in one corner of the field. lax season means one thing for me, i am tired and i am hungry. i am so one of those people who eats a ton thinking "its ok, i have practice today". but by doing that, one eats more than they burn. so here are a few healthy snack ideas for this lax season.

1. The Cliff Bar. these are beyond delish. my fave is the peanut butter chocolate chip one, but they all are good. these are best eaten before a practice or a game, because they contain energy.

2. A Banana. bananas are loaded with potassium. good for your toes. (ok i dont know if this is actually true, but a bunch of intense athlete friends tell me this is true)

3. Celery or Carrots. both will stay crisp in a baggie in your gym bag until game time. a delish way to kill the time until practice starts or to keep you going till dinner. a lil PB from the caff makes a great dip.

4. A Nalegene Bottle (or sigg). hokay so, i love anything that saves the planet. and instead of going into a rant about my hate for bottled water and how its killing the planet, i am just going to suggest the nalgene. carry it around all day, starting at breakfast. you will do much better in everything.

ok my fingers are sore, along with the rest of my body. ttyl.

Monday, March 24, 2008

review, GRILL 23

So for Easter, Mama and Papa Drew took me, my brother and his friend to Grill 23 on Berkeley st. I am really not a fan of red meat, steak, porter house etc, its all the same to me. my brother, on the other hand ate 48 ounces of still mooing cow. I started with a Caesar. it was good. i went with the sea scallops because i have never had bad sea food in Boston. the scallops themselves were fresh, but i was not sure about the spice rub on them. the brussels sprouts on the side were extremely delish. i didnt know brussels sprouts could be that good. the carrot stuffed with what i believe to be lentils was sweet and good. separately, these items were delish, but did not work cohesively. to finish it off, vanilla bean crem brule. beyond delish. delish delish delish. now i usually cant afford anything that cost nearly that much, but it was not on my tab. so if your parents decide that u deserve a real meal, go for the steak, it seems to be their thing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter hang-over

its the day after Easter
either you feel fat from stuffing all those peeps and chocolate eggs down your throat
or you have nothing to do with that basket filled of picked through chocolate. Well, here are some solutions.
-use your chocolate bars to create delish chocolate covered strawberries
1. melt plain chocolate in the microwave (this works best with Hershey's kisses and little chocolate bars) stirring every 30 secs to min in the microwave.
2. stir strawberries (or bananas, peaches whatever you have on hand) around in chocolate and place on plate.
3. cover plate in foil or plastic wrap, freeze until chocolate is solid.

or put those mms and recces to use!
1. stir mms into your fave cookie recipe instead of chocolate chips
2. instead of stirring in any chips, push a Reece cup (or any other hunk of chocolate) on top of the raw cookie. bake normally.

now, its hard to bake with peeps, but there is still tons of fun to have with them, try
1. microwaving them, see what happens
2. let the sit out and harden, then throw them at freshman.
3. mush them into some form of modern art

if your feeling way to stuffed and need away to make the candy disappear try
1. placing all of the candy in a bowl and placing the bowl in your common room, on your desk, on your adviser's desk, at your office,
2. better yet, use it to bribe your friends.

and don't forget to freeze a few chocolate bars, you never know when the craving for one will strike.

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