Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter hang-over

its the day after Easter
either you feel fat from stuffing all those peeps and chocolate eggs down your throat
or you have nothing to do with that basket filled of picked through chocolate. Well, here are some solutions.
-use your chocolate bars to create delish chocolate covered strawberries
1. melt plain chocolate in the microwave (this works best with Hershey's kisses and little chocolate bars) stirring every 30 secs to min in the microwave.
2. stir strawberries (or bananas, peaches whatever you have on hand) around in chocolate and place on plate.
3. cover plate in foil or plastic wrap, freeze until chocolate is solid.

or put those mms and recces to use!
1. stir mms into your fave cookie recipe instead of chocolate chips
2. instead of stirring in any chips, push a Reece cup (or any other hunk of chocolate) on top of the raw cookie. bake normally.

now, its hard to bake with peeps, but there is still tons of fun to have with them, try
1. microwaving them, see what happens
2. let the sit out and harden, then throw them at freshman.
3. mush them into some form of modern art

if your feeling way to stuffed and need away to make the candy disappear try
1. placing all of the candy in a bowl and placing the bowl in your common room, on your desk, on your adviser's desk, at your office,
2. better yet, use it to bribe your friends.

and don't forget to freeze a few chocolate bars, you never know when the craving for one will strike.


rhythm bandit said...

alex jew, it's me.
this is simply fantastical. i made one too, inspired from your brilliance.
except i don't know what my blogs about.
i also took your advice on the was delish.

Drewsie said...

i am glad to help anyone out. and i do enjoy my brilliance.

Anonymous said...

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