Monday, March 24, 2008

review, GRILL 23

So for Easter, Mama and Papa Drew took me, my brother and his friend to Grill 23 on Berkeley st. I am really not a fan of red meat, steak, porter house etc, its all the same to me. my brother, on the other hand ate 48 ounces of still mooing cow. I started with a Caesar. it was good. i went with the sea scallops because i have never had bad sea food in Boston. the scallops themselves were fresh, but i was not sure about the spice rub on them. the brussels sprouts on the side were extremely delish. i didnt know brussels sprouts could be that good. the carrot stuffed with what i believe to be lentils was sweet and good. separately, these items were delish, but did not work cohesively. to finish it off, vanilla bean crem brule. beyond delish. delish delish delish. now i usually cant afford anything that cost nearly that much, but it was not on my tab. so if your parents decide that u deserve a real meal, go for the steak, it seems to be their thing.