Tuesday, March 25, 2008


aight aight, lax season here in new England has begun. kina funny because there is still a snowbank in one corner of the field. lax season means one thing for me, i am tired and i am hungry. i am so one of those people who eats a ton thinking "its ok, i have practice today". but by doing that, one eats more than they burn. so here are a few healthy snack ideas for this lax season.

1. The Cliff Bar. these are beyond delish. my fave is the peanut butter chocolate chip one, but they all are good. these are best eaten before a practice or a game, because they contain energy.

2. A Banana. bananas are loaded with potassium. good for your toes. (ok i dont know if this is actually true, but a bunch of intense athlete friends tell me this is true)

3. Celery or Carrots. both will stay crisp in a baggie in your gym bag until game time. a delish way to kill the time until practice starts or to keep you going till dinner. a lil PB from the caff makes a great dip.

4. A Nalegene Bottle (or sigg). hokay so, i love anything that saves the planet. and instead of going into a rant about my hate for bottled water and how its killing the planet, i am just going to suggest the nalgene. carry it around all day, starting at breakfast. you will do much better in everything.

ok my fingers are sore, along with the rest of my body. ttyl.