Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caffeine Queen

So, I absolutely love Coffee. but i hate paying 3 dollars a cup at starbucks. but i do enjoy a 8 dollar, venti nonfat extra foamy doubleshot pumpkin spice latte charged to my moms plastic. so i got a coffee press to brew at home. mine (the one to the right) was around 50 dollars, but i have seen them for 12. they are a cheap and better alternative to brewing machines. all that is needed to use these is ground coffee and a way to heat water! I prefer to use a kettle to heat water over the stove, but if you dont have a kettle, a small pot works just as well. fill the coffee press pitcher with water and pour that water into the kettle. place the kettle on the stove and turn on high. while the water is heating up, take the coffee grounds out of the freezer and grab a tablespoon. it is recommended that for every 6 fl oz of water, there be 2 tablespoon of coffee in the pitcher. however, if you like your coffee strong, add another half tablespoon. i find that 5 heaping tablespoons works perfectly for my 32 fl oz coffee press. when the water is boiled, pour it into the pitcher and cover. let sit for about 2 min. then press it down. let sit for another min or so, longer if you want stronger coffee. after that, the coffee is ready to pour, sip and enjoy!

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