Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brunchy Brunchy Brunch

I love brunch. Brunchy Brunchy Brunch. so this morning when i opened the fridge, i found smoked salmon, eggs, purple onions, and grainy mustard. ok so to start, heat a supa small nonstick skillet on super low heat. crack an egg directly into the skillet, dont whisk it or anything. sprinkle a couple slices of red onions on top of the cooking egg. when it looks done (it shall resemble a really skinny crepe) fold it like you would a omelet. then slice it in half. take a slice of smoked salmon and spread some grainy mustard on it. wrap the salmon around the half of the omelet with the mustard side on the egg. think of it as wrapping sushi. the egg is the rice and the salmon is the seaweed. garnish with a raw purple onion. this is delish hot, or makes a great appetizer if you put it in the fridge for a bit. a great alternative to bagels and lox. and also makes a fab fancy brunch treat.

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