Friday, May 2, 2008

my little garden

so mama drew and i went to home depo the other day, and i was swooped away by all the things i could plant. i ended up buying grape tomatoes and sweet basil. they have yet to reach an edible form, but they look wonderful sitting in plastic pots on my windowsill. so to get excited for these pending matoes and basil, i made some eggs. first, whisk together an egg and an egg white. throw in some sliced grape 'matoes and whisk em around too. heat a small skillet on medium low heat after spraying it with nonstick spray and sprinkling a little peeper on the pan as well. toss the eggs on the skillet and resist the urge to push it around with a spatula. these aren't scrambled eggs, so dont touch them. when the eggs look almost cooked in the middle, sprinkle a little parm cheese on them. then rip up some fresh basil leaves and sprinkle them on the eggs too. fold it over like an omelet. plate it and enjoy!

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