Friday, May 23, 2008


so i used to hate guacamole. now i can not get enough. today i googled a recipe, but realised i only had a few of the ingredients, so i whipped up my own version. you need:
-1 avocado. slice a thin bit off the side, and use a spoon to scoop out the green goodness into a bowl.
- a handful of grape tomatoes, sliced up really small
- 1/3 of a onion, chopped up really small.
- a palmful of arugula, finely chopped. (or cilantro if you have it)
- a few dashes of Tabasco
- yellow bell pepper, sliced into strips. (i like to use the bell pepper strips instead of chips to enjoy the guac, but if you are a chip person ignore the bell pepper.)

mix and mush everything together in a giant bowl. use the yellow bell peppers to scoop up and enjoy each wonderful bite of the guac.

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