Friday, May 30, 2008

7.9 hours until exam

its exam season. this means late nights of panic attacks, rereading entire books and calling friends to have mutual freak outs. for me, all this freaking out makes me hungry and exhausted. and i don't have the time to whip up a wonderful snack during any of my strenuous flashcard sessions. these are some of the best late night study sesh snacks. from personal experience, these keep me awake and happy.
1. raisin bran. i find it delish and its just a nice munchy.
2. celery dipped in PB. sometimes i stir in raisins and honey too. the loud crunching wakes me up and brings the blood flow to my head.
3. green tea. this is the ultimate calmer if you cannot figure out how you will learn everything in time. and the caffeine will awaken you a bit without preventing sleep for days.
4. cliff bar. cliff bars= energy. they are also delish
5. granola and yogurt. just think of the yogurt as ice cream and the granola as sprinkles. a much healthier option than the Ben and Jerry's pint in the freezer.
6. a water bottle. chug down some water. if that doesn't keep you up, having to pee all night will.
good luck everyone!

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