Monday, June 9, 2008

why is the fridge empty?

so yesterday, i was starving. i was home alone around 1:00 pm and desired for a cool lunch. it was 90 million degrees outside and humid enough to be a sauna. i wanted a cold-ish lunch. perhaps a salad, smoothie, or maybe some ice cream. but no, my fridge was lacking salad ingredients, yogurt for said smoothie, and for the first time in my life, there was not one pint of Ben and Jerry's to be found in the freezer. there were also no eggs, bread, or even frozen chicken tenders to be found. now most would give up on finding lunch after such setbacks, but i managed. here is what i did.
-frozen fruit is delicious when covered in maple syrup. cold enough to make up for the lack of ice cream.
-peanut butter taste delish on a fork when covered in raisins. think ants on a long without the log.
-cereal goes with everything. never forget that.
-microwaved marshmallows are amazing. just don't leave em in too long or they blow up. try mushing in some chocolate chips for the s'mores effect.
-make a cliff bar sandwich. spread peanut butter (or jelly, or nutella, or honey) between 2 cliff bars. eat like a sandwich. (this is the ultimate lets go hike a mountain and run a marathon snack)
if all else fails, try boiling your crocs. i hear there edible when boiled.


clev said...

drewsie. i think your mention of boiled crocs should have a full follow-up article. i'll taste-test.
hugging you.

Drewsie said...

i love my clev!