Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Fat Salad

now, why would the words "good" and "fat" be in the same sentence ever? because all of the ingredients in this salad contain to what is referred to as good fats. i dont know what it means or why some fats are good or bad, and i am no hurry to get a degree in nutrition to find out. this salad is possibly the most DELISH thing ever, if you dont like salad you mind is about to be changed. this is great if you want to impress people with your culinary talent or you haven't had a solid meal in a few days. you need:
2 spoonfills grainy mustard (teaspoon if you are just making salad for yourself, tablespoon if for more people etc)
6 spoonfills EVOO
3 spoonfills balsamic vinegar
2 spoonfills maple syrup
1 avocado
crasins (cranberrys in rasin form, if you are unfimilar with the word)
pine nuts
and spring lettuce mix or romaine
in a bowl, whisk the grainy mustard, EVOO, balsamic and maple syrup together until they have the consistency of dressing. (your making a salad, and this is the dressing, you want the consistency of dressing for the salad now dont you?) Hold the avocado in your left hand and pick up a knife in your right. (other way around if your a lefty). stick the knife deep into the avocado and drag it around the 'cado in a circle. pretend the 'cado is a globe and you are drawing a horizontal line across it with a knife that connects to the other side. open the avocado and take the pit out. now, hold one half of the "cado in your hand with the green soft part (the part you eat) facing you. cut the avocado up into chunks while it is still in the skin. (drag the knife through the 'cado deep enough to touch the skin, but not poke through it.) then try turning the avocado inside out over the bowl you are planning on eating your salad out of. if done right, the avocado chunks will pop out into the bowl, otherwise epic fail. take out a small skillet and pour a handful or so of the pine nuts in it. toast them over medium heat. they are usually done when you can smell them or start turning brown. toss them around in the skillet a few times so there is an even toasting. while the nuts are a brownin' wash the lettuce and put in same bowl as avocado. also begin to sprinkle the crasins to taste over this epic bowl. to top off this magnificent ensalada, sprinkle over the luscious warm pine nuts and drizzle an ample amount of dressing as well. prepare for deliciousness times 10.

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