Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Broken Heart

my heart was recently broken. by one of my favorite things. i never thought peanut butter or cookie dough could let me down, but today they did. it started off as a routine trip to the supermarket. there i discovered a brand of peanut butter i have never tried, PB Loco. i had read about their peanut creations in Everyday with Rachael Ray and decided to give them a try. i selected peanut butter with chocolate chip cookie dough because that sounds amazing. i imagined it like cookie dough ice cream, but instead of vanilla there would be peanut butter sprinkled with big globs of chocolate chip cookie dough. my soul was crushed when i opened up that jar. i discovered something more like the people in the peanutubutter factory dumped peanuts and cookie dough into a blender. the chocolate had taken over every inch of the butter, and i could find no globs of cookie dough to pick out. it was a sad day. and now i have this jar i do not want to eat. sad sad.

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