Thursday, October 15, 2009

Green tea, calm in a cup.

I'm currently over my head in college apps, AP classes, tests, quizzes, memorizing lines for the play, reading novels, debating, solving world hunger and saving the world. all these activities can lead to late night stress. however, i have found a way to calm that stress away that is not sticking my face into a gallon of ice cream. green tea, even the name brings calmness. it is filled with antioxidants and other big words that are good for you. i once read somewhere it can help you loose weight, and that five cups daily seems to be the magic number for weight loss. so next time you re up late studying, a cup of green tea with caffeine will awaken you and your soul. or if your winding down from a long and stressful day, a cup of decaf will bring peace to your mind and heart. my favorite brand of green tea is The Republic of Tea, but any type will do. find a brand that you particularly like, and start drinking it daily. simply heat water till it is almost boiling. then pour over the teabag into the mug. in minutes you will feel much better. i promise.

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