Friday, June 4, 2010

Grow Me Some Sustainability

Now that it is summer, its time to grow some noms. Now some may feel overwhelmed by the idea of growing their own food, but there are many shortcuts you may take.

Look at all of these plants, all these green leaves. Well, these are all different types of produce that have already started growing that you can buy and put in your own garden. I bought tomatoes, basil, eggplant, and bell peppers from Allendale farm (greenhouse pictured above), but you can buy whatever plant you want from whatever farm or hardware store calls to your soul.
These are some words you may encounter while buying plants, here is what they mean:
Determinate: Plants that can grow without support, ie they don't need a fence or a pole to climb up, they can just grow up on their own.
Indeterminate: Plants that need support to grow, ie a lattice, fence, or steak to climb up.
Heirloom: A variety that has been passed down for several generations because it has a desirable trait, such as taste or color.
Hybrid/ Field: A plant that was bred for certain attributes such as disease resistance.

Now that you know what all of those words mean, go ahead and select some plants. Be sure to read the little stick of plastic in each one so you know where to plant them. Some like lots of sun, some like less, some like to be close to their plant neighbors, others really need their space.

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