Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Packaging Purpose

Have you ever noticed how much packaging is on food? Now even non processed foods come in containers. Organic bananas are shrink wrapped in plastic, tomatoes are in nets or plastic boxes, and just about everything else seems to be in a pint container or a glass jar. Here are some ideas to reuse these wrappings before you recycle them.

Brown paper bags: coloring surface, book cover, giant paper airplane, wrapping paper, origami swan, and a stuffed animal tent

Plastic bags, this includes the one the bread is in and the blue one surrounding the oreos: trashcan liners, protecting paper and books from the elements, doggie poo bags, gloves, holding toiletries, preventing wet bathing suits from making everything wet, long term storage, freezer storage, and rain apparel for the stuffed animals inside the tent.

Plastic containers, such as pint containers, the box the lettuce comes in, or the tray that holds the Oreos: Tupperware container, leftover food storage, sailboat, hat, bead holder, keeping wet clay soft, pen organizer, loose bolt storage, noise maker, salad shaker, jewelry collector, and hot tub for stuffed animals.

Glass jars: sauce holders, cups, travel cups (note the lid), pen holders, candle holders, storage of small but precious family heirlooms, preserving food, kaleidoscope, glitter storage, rubber band collector around the outside, and a side table for the stuffed animals.

The stuffed animals will sure be glad you choose to reuse.

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