Monday, May 24, 2010

Is This Worth It?

Look at these blondies, don't they look nomlicious? don't you want to eat one? Yes, you probably do, thats why the smart people at Roche Brothers (supermarket) put them right next to checkout, so when your waiting in line, you decide to put them in your carriage and purchase them. Now, i'm not denying their deliciousness, infact, i've already has two today. But my question is, is this worth it? Lets first look at the price, $4.49, thats more than dollar per blondie. If you were to make a tray of blondies at home, the whole tray itself would most likely cost a dollar. Then look at the plastic bag, do you really have another use for that plastic bag? Its most likely about to spend a couple million years in a landfill. Or maybe it will be recycled, where it will become another bag. Also, even these brownies are Roche Brothers brand and were probably baked this morning, they were most likely baked in a warehouse, and then trucked around to all the Roche Brothers in the area, using diesel thirsty trucks. Now these blondies are delicious, don't get me wrong, but you could easily make them at home, and it would cost less from your pocket, and cost less on the environment. Think about that.

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Anonymous said...

it's totally not worth it. thanks for letting me know!!!!!!!!!!