Friday, May 21, 2010

Princess Pasta

Princess, when she’s not eating tofu, enjoys a good grain. There’s nothing like a good carbohydrate to really make her day. Without carbohydrates, princess would not have the energy to sit up straight in her princess crown. As you can see, princess just ate lots of pasta, and is not having any issue sitting up.

Now lets compare some grains. In the pasta area I have some run of the mill white angel hair pasta, Barilla Plus multigrain pasta, and 365 whole wheat pasta. Now first, as you should do with any food that comes in a box, I read the ingredients. The whole wheat pasta has one ingredient, durum whole wheat flour. The other two both have a handful of ingredients. Even though I can recognize most of them, I always question foods that add vitamins such as iron or folic acid, because it usually means in the processing of the food, the natural vitamins were stripped. As far as calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol are concerned, each pasta is relatively the same. But when I hit fiber down the list of nutrition facts, things start to change. The angel hair only has 2g, relatively low considering pasta is most often a main course. The multigrain pasta only has 4 g of fiber, which is ironic because their package boasts about how much fiber the pasta contains. It appears these package design people are not wise enough to read. It’s a good thing I’m here to figure these things out for the princess. The whole wheat pasta has the most fiber, 5g, and it doesn’t feel the need to obnoxiously put it on its label. Even though the multigrain pasta was annoying about fiber, it wins the protein contest, coming in with 10g, while the other two lag behind with 7g. Now for the princess I would recommend the whole wheat or multigrain pasta, whichever one she likes the taste of more. However, I myself would choose the whole wheat because I think it taste better and it is organic and less processed.

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