Monday, May 31, 2010

Is This Worth It?

You've seen them before, the vegetable appetizer platters, with the chopped raw peppers and carrots arranged around a bowl of ranch. They taste good, look nice, and can be procured from any caterer or supermarket produce aisle. However, these platters are a huge waste of money. Think about it, one package of celery, one head of broccoli, one head of cauliflower, a bag of baby carrots, one cucumber, one bell pepper and one box of grape tomatoes does not collectivity cost $36 dollars, but thats how much these platters cost. Now you may say, "oh no i'm waisting my money because chopping veggies involves effort and time, both things I do not have." Well, first of all, i'm embarrassed for you that you do not have the skill to run a knife through a bell pepper. Second of all, it takes little time to chop veggies, and no one said you had to do it all at once. You can chop the carrots and celery the day before, and the broccoli the day of, no one will know the difference. Doing it yourself also allows you to select local and organic produce, both of which are better for the environment than conventional produce. So to conclude this lesson, chop your own vegetable platter, its better for your wallet and better for the earth.

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