Friday, May 21, 2010

The Princess and the Grain

In order for princess to give hugs to her loyal princess subjects and her children Gingery and Army, it's important she eats a solid variety of grains.

Moving on to rice and other grains, we have brown rice, white rice, and quinoa. Looking at the ingredients, the white rice is the only one with vitamins added, which already makes me question the processing of the rice. Like the pastas, they all mach up relatively equally in the fields of calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. There is a difference in total carbohydrates, but it is small enough to not matter. At fiber, things start to matter. The white rice has 1g of fiber, which is only 4% DV. The brown rice has 2g so is a little better than the white. The quinoa wins with 3g of fiber, 13% DV. Moving on to protein, the quinoa wins again with 6g, leaving white rice’s 3g and brown rice’s 4g in the dust. Of these three grains, I would recommend that the princess consumes quinoa. Because she chooses not to eat meat, it is important that the princess gets enough protein, and quinoa has the most for a grain. (Yes the multigrain pasta had more, but the multigrain pasta is made with a blend of grains and legumes, not just one grain.) Also quinoa has a rich nutty flavor that taste good in a variety of situations, such as mixed in with vegetables, or tossed into soups.

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