Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lookin' Classy

look how classy that pitcher looks, how fancy and wonderful.

So to be honest, I hate lemonade. For the most part actually, I hate most flavored drinks, and especially those containing citrus. But unfortunately, the general populus seems to enjoy lemonade a lot, especially at BBQ’s or any outside summer activities that involve food. So what is one Drewsie to do? I refuse to make it my self, because that involves getting up close with citrus which I’d rather avoid. But I also have a reputation to maintain as someone who is a foodie and a good cook, so I can’t serve bad lemonade from a carton. However, being the wise individual that I am, I worked out a solution. First, I went to the farmers market, and found some farm fresh lemonade. No room for Tropicana or Minute Maid here. Then, I procured a large, classy, glass pitcher. To this pitcher I added thin lemon slices and two branches of rosemary. Then into the pitcher I poured the cold, farm fresh lemonade. It looked so class-tastic in its pitcher, that people immediately assumed I had spent hours laboring over lemons and the juicer. Win for me.

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