Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Protein Princess

Look at this princess right here, isn’t she lovely? I think so. Look at the way she coaches. Look at her monochromatic outfit. Look at those snakeskin accented sneakers. As an athlete and a coach, it is important that princess gets enough protein, and keeps her calorie and cholesterol intake in check. And because princess loves sheep and chickadees as much as she loves athletics, she chooses not to eat meat. Now, you may be wondering “how does princess get enough protein if she doesn’t eat burgers? Or chicken?” Well princess has a little thing up her sleeve called tofu. Now let’s compare some nutrition facts.

Protein: Calories: Fat: Cholesterol:

Tofu (124g) 10g 94 6g 0mg

Chicken (87g) 18g 150 8g 56mg

Ground beef 15g 220 28g 62mg

80%l Lean (87g)

At first glance, this data may make you think, “oh princess should eat some chicken.” But no, look again. Chicken comes with a hefty price of 56 mg of cholesterol, about 20% D.V. And her portion of chicken would be much smaller than her tofu portion, because chicken is more caloric than tofu. Even when the tofu portion is larger by 37g, princess still gets more calories from the smaller hunk of chicken. Ground beef would weigh the princess down in an overwhelming amount of fat, calories, and cholesterol. The princess would not be able to engage in princess activities such as taking Dave Lyons to prom because the hunk of ground beef would prevent her from zipping up her dress. Tofu is really what princess needs to stay healthy for coaching and working out. Because it is lower in calorie than meat, she can eat more of it and therefore take in more protein. And when she eats more of it, her cholesterol level does not rise at all, and her fat intake still remains low. After a meal of tofu, balanced with some vegetables and brown rice, princess is ready to kick butt on the lacrosse field, or kick the butt of her team by making them run sprints. Or coaching them to defeat Nobles tomorrow. Yup, I said it.

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Interesting! BBE (best blog ever!)
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